Don't Let That Mouse in Your House

Turn to us for residential and commercial rodent control in Valley Stream & East Rockaway, NY

One of the worst surprises a home or business owners can stumble upon is a rodent infestation. If you've found unwanted mice or rats in your Valley Stream or East Rockaway, NY building, reach out to the experts at Complete Pest Control for professional rodent control services.

We'll work hard to make sure your space is protected from rodents while remaining safe for your pets and loved ones. Our team gives you the option to use regular traps or child- and pet-proof ones.

Please note that we do not provide wildlife removal services. For more information on our residential and commercial rodent control services, call 516-561-9866 now.

Don't underestimate the warning signs of a rodent infestation

If you've noticed droppings or found a single mouse or rat on your property, keep a watchful eye out. Rodents can quickly reproduce, and one mouse could turn into an entire family before you know it. Get in touch with us if you've noticed...

  • Scratching noises
  • Chewed holes in walls or wires
  • Shredded paper, plants or fabric
  • Stale smells in hidden areas

When you contact us for professional rodent control, we'll take care of your rat or mouse problem at the source. We make it our mission to remove your pests quickly and make sure that the unwanted guests don't come back.

Schedule residential or commercial rodent control services by sending our team a message.

Check out our thorough rodent removal process

Are rodents taking over your attic, kitchen or basement? Don't worry - Complete Pest Control offers professional rodent control services in East Rockaway and Valley Stream, NY. When you hire us to remove rodents from your structure, you can expect us to...

  • Check every room of your home or business for possible points of entry
  • Determine how and why the rodents are seeking shelter in your home
  • Set up traps near the points of entry

Call 516-561-9866 now to arrange for residential or commercial rodent control services. We offer free consultations.

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